urban laboratory in Tophane/Istanbul

Project proposed by Alain Michard and Mathias Poisson with DEPO-TUTUN deposu
29thNovember to 1st December 2012
contacts :
michard.a.mich@gmail.com    0033 6 75 20 21 97
poissom@gmail.com     0033 6 03 26 36 68

Mathias Poisson and Alain Michard, two artists, walkers, practicing between dance and visual art, are experimenting and exploring tirelessly urban spaces.
They have created several maps of walks, in Naples, Bordeaux, Rennes, these real plans make walkers rediscover their city.

Through these plans and other photographic and drawing projects, they are interested in the representation of the city and its connection with the movement of the body. They see the body as sensitive and receptive to the environment, and perception as paramount The body is considered aswell in its capacity to mould the environment and tocreate an imagination of the city.
In connection with this imaginary, every experience is engaged between one individual person and a group of persons to consider « a collectif body of the city » as a meeting and exchange space.

In Istanbul, Alain Michard and Mathias Poisson open an artistic research project which leads step by step to the realisation of an exposition (Miniatures) and an in situ performance (Promenades blanches) in april 2013.

At first, the students of Universities of dance and visual arts of Istanbul will be given a couple of workshops. A group of french students coming from the Dance school – CNDC (Angers) and School of Fine Arts (Rennes) are invited to join these workshops.

Then, the opening of Urban Laboratory will invite artists, research workers and students to share their urban practices. Together they will explore during three days the Tophane district, its history and its recent evolution. At first, each person (or a group of them) is invited to show its way to « practice the city », then he/she will propose a specific/unique experience in the Tophane district.
Everyone could be asked a question : « How do I view the city ? » ; « What am I looking at ? »
This three days will be mostly used for wandering and drifting away as the workshop leaders like to do but also to enjoy movements of stillness, observing and choosing particular viewpoints. Above all, we want to share our practices and be nourished with the practices of others. To complete this work « in situ », we will propose to have some spoken, danced or drawn « return » (feedback) in a space specifically dedicated for : DEPO-TUTUN deposu, the main partner of the whole project.